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Ready, Set, Simian Go!: Simian Updates its Popular Mobile App

Aug 8, 2018Ready%2C+Set%2C+Simian+Go%21%3A+Simian+Updates+its+Popular+Mobile+App

Simian, the industry-leading video sharing and collaboration service used by ad agencies, media companies, production houses, post studios and music providers, has launched an update for its popular Simian Go! mobile app for iOS. Simian users can download the updated version from the App Store here.

The updated Go! app provides all the power and functionality found in the Simian web app’s reel management and sharing tools, but with full remote capability. It features a complete redesign of the user interface and offers new capabilities, such as being able to create shortlinks sent from their own email clients so users can share reels and work more easily. Users can even send reel links via text; recipients are greeted with a large thumbnail from the first spot on the reel when they get it on their phones.

Current Simian clients already enjoy a roster of benefits unmatched by any other video sharing and collaboration service. They can create custom branded reel presentations and pitch multiple directors, editors or other creative talents for projects with packaged combination reels. Simian’s Real Time Analytics allows them to track viewer engagement of the reels they send out, and they have full access to their entire reel library both from the web app as well as the Go! app. And with Simian Go! they can edit or revise existing reels on the fly, delete or designate expiration dates for reels and tap the services’ robust search and filter tools.

Simian accounts can be accessed via multiple logins, both from the web app and the mobile app, so that all team members can be up on the latest revisions, client comments and other important aspects of each job. And actions taken on Simian Go! synchs fully with the accompanying Simian account.

Production and agency professionals who are not current Simian customers can test out the service by signing up for a free 7-day trial at

“Many of our users have downloaded the first iteration of our Go! app, and we’ve gotten some great feedback from them that’s been incorporated into this new update,” says Jay Brooks, Simian Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “We’ve improved the appearance, functionality and experience, and changed the layout and actions of important buttons and menus to provide a more intuitive navigation. Our initial response while testing was so good, we moved quickly to get this up on the App Store so our user base could start taking advantage of its awesome new look and feel.”

Every Simian plan includes an unlimited number of users and customized permission levels for every role in your company. Its media library features customizable categories, credits and tagging and allows for an unlimited number of projects. Videos can be shared privately, and clients can provide feedback with comments and video annotations accessible from within Simian or from within Adobe Premiere. And Simian backs up its product with full 360 video support, 24/7 live support and frequent upgrades and new features.

Sawt Deploys Machine Learning Technology to Power New Intelligence Platform for Online Video Search

September 21, 2017Sawt+Deploys+Machine+Learning+Technology+to+Power+New+Intelligence+Platform+for+Online+Video+Search

Colorado Springs, Colo.—Sept. 21, 2017—Advertisers, ad agencies, production companies and media companies now have a new tool to help them research the increasingly chaotic world of online video. The technical and management team behind Simian (, the global media sharing company, have launched an independent new software product called Sawt. It promises to simplify and streamline the process of searching and analyzing both traditional advertising video content such as commercials and web shorts as well as the exploding universe of online video found on sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The service can be utilized from its web site,

In addition, Sawt will make it easier for those who seek to partner with these increasingly popular and influential content creators and apply their talents to the rapidly expanding landscape of consumer video consumption.  The service will provide all content creators – those working in online video as well as more traditional broadcast advertising – to create online profiles that provide a wealth of information about their work, their audience and their reach.

Sawt accomplishes this by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gather meaningful insights from media and consumer content, helping to connect the dots between content creators, audiences, agencies, brands and producers. The technology also provides actionable information on the people and companies behind the production of such content, including creative and production credits, prior work and contact information.

The service is currently being made available free of charge to qualified members of the advertising creative and production communities.  As more features are added to its roster of capabilities, Sawt will introduce a fee structure for both individual, small company and enterprise users.

Sawt is the only technology bringing together traditional broadcast and online creator content into a single hub, notes Co-Founder Brian Atton. The software functions as a social and interactive community for creatives to share key insights, innovative ideas and work, allowing users to increase industry exposure and collaboration efforts.

"What Sawt does is takes this enormously complex world of content and lets you pinpoint just what you're looking for," Atton notes.  "It simplifies and compresses the process of identifying content that suits the tone, values and attitudes of your brand, that meets the demographic targets of your campaign and which will connect with your audience. It does all this and does it with just a few keystrokes, versus hours, days or weeks of research."

Developed by the video sharing and collaboration experts at Simian, Sawt allows users to search broadcast spots and online web videos by brand, agency, production company, content creator, director, editor, VFX studio, creative technique, genre, you name it. With full credits and an emphasis on social network-style sharing and commentary, it represents a next generation-leap in the technology, development and design of advertising sharing platforms.

Plans call for Sawt to unveil additional services in the coming months that will provide a deeper level of intelligence and analytics about these creators and the video content they produce. "With the aggregation of data from above and below the line media, our proprietary AI will enable us to develop a scoring system for this content," explains Co-Founder Jay Brooks. "Brands, entertainment companies and agencies will then have a ratings system to quantify their content, which will allow them to attribute specific dollar values to the exposure they generate. This will inform planning and in-market optimizations, all leading to greater efficacy of campaigns and transparency in the industry."

Further, users of Simian's video sharing and collaboration service will soon be able to integrate their content seamlessly with Sawt, meaning Simian clients will be able to push media to be showcased on Sawt with the click of a button. This will provide an additional level of exposure beyond what the Simian media sharing and collaboration platform already provides, says Atton.

"We're more than just a review and approval media-sharing platform now," he continues. "We're partners for our friends in creative industries. With Sawt we've developed a resource, as opposed to a singular tool. We want them to focus on doing what they love doing, which is being creative and making content. Our goal, as with any technology product, is to help them do their jobs better and run their businesses more efficiently."

Simian Unveils New Infusion Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro

October 13, 2017Simian+Unveils+New+Infusion+Plugin+for+Adobe+Premiere+Pro

Simian, the video sharing and collaboration platform that ad agencies, production companies, post houses and media brands rely on to ensure an efficient workflow for their video content, has introduced a new plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that promises to make an editor’s job faster and easier.

Dubbed Infusion, it does just that: It imports directly into Adobe Premiere Pro the comments and annotations clients make to videos that are part of Simian Project folders. Infusion will allow editors or other artists using Premiere Pro to save time when making changes or revisions by having the client’s comments and instructions right at their fingertips (or, more accurately, on their Premiere screens), with no more toggling between programs or having to print out comments and refer to them separately.

Infusion is also a two-way tool, as it allows editors to reply to client comments from within their Premiere Pro environments and share them with others on that project’s team. Incoming client comments or notes can appear directly within the edit as markers, too, helping to minimise mistakes or misunderstandings, and editors can upload their revised edits directly back to Simian Project from within Adobe Premiere.

“Editors will be to keep track of important client changes and recommendations while still working in Premiere. With the Infusion plug-in, any comments or notes clients make will appear in a special panel within Premiere,” says Brian Atton, Simian Co-Found and COO. “We think Infusion will remove not only relieve some headaches for Premiere users, but also reflects our overall strategy here at Simian, which is to automate as many functions of the production and post production process as we can so they can focus on doing what they do best, which is be creative,” says Brian Atton, Simian Co-Founder and COO. “It further integrates Simian’s sharing and review capabilities with the basic tools that creative people rely on day in and day out.”

Simian users who’ve taken Infusion for a test drive are impressed with its handling. “With the kind of expedited deadlines we’re working under in TV commercials, branded content and just about any other form of media deliverable, this Premiere Pro plugin is an incredibly helpful timesaver,” says J.P. McMahon, Executive Producer and Partner at the L.A.-based hybrid production and post production company A Common Thread.To download Infusion, visit the Simian apps page here.

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